About MiljøTaxi

MiljøTaxi Stavanger a/s is a cab company with a completely new concept and the first company in Norway with a green profile.

The company was established 26.06.2008 and has nearly 50 green cabs that easily can be spotted in the townscape.

MiljøTaxi Stavanger requires that the cab license holder that is driving for our company drives a hybrid car, cars that run on biofuel, biogas or natural gas due to it`s environmental properties.
The idea with MiljøTaxi is to reduce the CO2 emissions, particles and nitrogen compunds and to set a standard that can be followed by other cab companies in the rest of the country.

Why the green cab choice?

Norway with Stavanger have high environmental emissions, including the transportation business.
We feel that this is a concern witch we all should take part in reducing.

The cab industry can do their part to contribute to the local environment, honestly speaking it has been a struggle awakening this environmental commitment within those involved, and making drivers and cab owners go from diesel to natural gas.

They see the gains; environmental benefits, that they get more environmentally conscious and the natural gas is also a cheaper fuel.
But because of the high prices of the environmental friendly cars it`s expensive for the cab owners getting environmentally conscious.

Furthermore there will be a larger focus on the environment in the future, that is why the car industry also are environmentally minded.

We are quite sure that in the future there will be more cars using natural gas and there already several natural gas fuel stations in this area and more to come.

When time comes when gas operated cars will be the normal choice, we will already be established as the most environmentally aware cab company, that is an clear advantage.