MiljøTaxi Stavanger is a new taxi with a totally new concept and is the first center in Norway with a green profile.

The company was founded 26.06.2008 and has nearly 50 green taxis which will soon become recognized in the urban landscape .

Environment Taxi Stavanger require løyvehaverne working for the company employs Hybrid cars , cars that run on biofuel , biogas or natural gas because of the good environmental properties . The goal of the Environmental Taxi is to reduce emissions of CO2, particulate matter and nitrogen compounds and set a standard that can be followed by centers in the country.

Why the green taxi option .
Norway and Stavanger relatively serious environmental pollution , among other things, transport , and we believe everyone should be concerned to reduce them.

Taxi industry to do its part to contribute locally but we have to admit that while it was been quite a job to arouse environmental commitment of those involved, and to get the drivers and owners to go from diesel to gas.

They see the benefits , environmental benefits , that they are becoming more environmentally conscious and gas is a cheaper fuel.
But because gas cars cost more , it is expensive for owners to be environmentally conscious.

Moreover, there is a huge environmental focus in the future , therefore also think the automotive environment.

We are confident that more automobile manufacturers who use gas and there are already several filling stations in the area and more will come .

When it becomes common to gas-powered cars, is already established as the most environmentally conscious center, and there will be a distinct advantage.